El Sistema BIDA® es una tecnología única en el mundo en el tratamiento de aguas Servidas y Riles, lo cual hace que Biofiltro tenga ventajas y características únicas con respecto a otras empresas que ofrecen servicios similares.


  • Up to 30% lower installation costs
  • Up to 70% lower operational costs
  • Allows the generation of additional income from fertilizers and sources of protein and amino acids.

  • Environmental:

  • Up to 80% energy saving
  • Odorless
  • No polluting waste generated
  • No chemicals used
  • Provides other valuable environmental products
  • Contributes to more water being available for the environment

  • Social:

  • Provides work for the surrounding communities
  • Provides a sustainable and low cost solution for the wastewater problem in communities, in which they can play an important role, and without the need for permanent external agents
  • By treating wastewater, it improves the community’s quality of life
  • Allows communities to live in cleaner environments
  • Provides the possibility for the co-proprietors to commercialize the fertilizers and protein sources
  • As a result of the water provided for irrigation by the Biofiltro system, more communal green spaces are possible