The BIDA® System comes from biotechnology, which is technology based on biology. Our model uses different natural, microbiological layers which are designed according to the characteristics of the wastewater to be treated. Every source of wastewater has its own specialized microbiological flora. With this model we filter the domestic and industrial wastewater in order to return it to the environment as clean water where it can be reused for irrigation, which is where 70% of the world's water resources are consumed.
This is a low cost system, which does not use chemicals and which saves up to 80% of energy when compared to conventional systems. One of its main attractions is that it can be applied in an efficient and sustainable manner in small and large volumes. This makes Biofiltro a real alternative for industry as well as rural and isolated communities.
As a result of the wastewater treatment, the BIDA® System generates two very valuable byproducts for agricultural and feeding industries. Firstly an organic fertilizer and secondly a source of nutrients with high protein and amino acid content.