In 1990, Dr. Jose Tohá Castella, a biophysicist professor at the University of Chile, began researching and developing methods to utilize earthworms and bacteria in wastewater treatment. The technology was eventually patented in the mid nineties by UNTEC, or the Fudación para la Transferencia Tecnológica. Overtime, Alex Villagra, BioFiltro's co-founder and current Chief Technology Officer, continued working to perfect the biological processes in order to develop a system that was capable of filtering organic liquid waste at an industrial scale. In 2007, Villagra patented what is now known as the BIDA(R) system.
In 2010, Matias Sjogren and Rafael Concha, two engineers from Chile's Universidad Catolica, joined forces with Villagra to form BioFiltro and focus on the commercialization and international expansion of the BIDA(R) system. The BIDA® system is now installed in 135 plants across 6 countries and has filtered more than 27 billion gallons of liquid waste to date.
BioFiltro is an international wastewater filtration company with offices in the US, Chile, and New Zealand that offers a patented technology capable of removing up to 99% of contaminants in a four hour chemical free process.