14-08-14 BIOFILTRO is selected by Endeavor global as a high-impact entrepreneurship in New York. see more
26-03-13 BIOFILTRO begins operations in Peru.
15-03-13 BIOFILTRO is awarded by Corfo through the program "Go To Market" to travel to SRI (Stanford Research Institute) in Silicon Valley in order to accelerate the company's international expansion.
20-02-13 BIOFILTRO begins operations in Colombia.
19-12-12: BIOFILTRO was awarded ASEXMA and CORFO as the "national Entrepreneurship with more international prospecting". see more
17-12-12: BIOFILTRO won the second place on the "Best Entrepreneur Award in 2012" presented by Diario Financiero. see more
BIOFILTRO y BIDATEK attended the Cleantech Open Europe held on 18 and 19 October in the city of Vitora in Spain. see more
BIOFILTRO present in the Singapore International Water Week. see more
BIOFILTRO through its partner Bidatek present at the Cleantech Forum Europe in Germany. see more
BIOFILTRO: Winner Cleantech Open Silicon Valley 2011. see more