Our company consists of a multidisciplinary and holistic team, capable of providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment and which has been able to develop this unique technology.
Internationally the company includes people from various fields and currently there are over 50 professionals including civil engineers, environmental engineers, lawyers, journalists, draftsmen, and builders, among others.

Matías Sjogren Raab
Ingeniero Civil UC, MBA UC
    Gerente General

Rafael Concha García
Ingeniero Civil UC


Gerente Comercial

Alex Villagra Fuentes
Ingeniero Civil U. De Chile


Gerente de Operaciones

Eduardo Klein Bande
Ingeniero Civil UC


International Business Advisor and Director

Gerardo Ovalle Mahns
Abogado UC, LL.M New York University, LL.M National University of Singapore. Master en Derecho Público
    Legal Adviser and Director

Rodrigo Ortiz
Ingeniero Civil UC


Director of Engineering

Fernanda García
Ingeniería en Biotecnología UNAB,  realizando Tesis de Pregrado y Magíster


Research and Development Department

Daniela Soto
Ingeniería Civil de Biotecnología UC



Benjamín Sánchez
Ingeniería Civil de Biotecnología UC y estudiante de Magíster en Ciencias de la Ingeniería UC



Mauricio Rivera
Eléctrico Industrial, Inacap  


Chief Treatment Plant Operation

Rubén Muena
Constructor Civil, Universidad de los Lagos


Chief Treatment Plant Installation

Pilar Concha
Periodista UC y Diplomada Marketing UC


Communications and Marketing

Cristián Vergara
Auditor DUOC



Úrsula Pimentel
Auditor IP Esucomex


Administration and Finance

Carey y Cía.
Asesoría Legal Nacional e Internacional


Consulting national and international legal